Geboortecentrum Zaanstad is a midwifery and ultrasound practice owned by midwives Ismay Brekelmans en Marijke Hagelaars-Dekker.


We consciously choose to start a small three-woman practice with a renewed and fresh take on midwife care. This enables us to have maximum attention to the needs of future parents. We are there for you as medical professionals and healthcare provider. Experience shows us that this method of providing healthcare contributes to a positive experience for pregnant women. The care that pregnant women experience is warm, trusting, accessible, equal and fitted to personal needs of the couple. We know the importance of every pregnancy!

Loving, enthusiastic, engaging, personal, considering, and quality are our guidelines to provide the right care for you. Of course based on the latest research and insights.

Quality assurance


All midwifes that work for Geboortecentrum Zaanstad, are associated with the quality labels like the KvK, BIG registered,  and signed up in the Quality Register for midwives. Our ultrasound scan operator is registered in the Quality Register for ultrasound scan operators (BEN). These connections and registrations keeps everybody up-to-date of new developments and enable us to follow regular seminars, courses and further training.


Ismay Brekelmans (BIG 89921766403)

Involved | Chatterbox | Ambitious | Has two cats and a Horse | Dressage | Skiing


When I was a little girl, I was able to witness the birth of my little sister at the age of 6. It is said that I was interested in every act of the gynaecologist and didn’t stand in the way. I always had a fascination for the medical world, and decided to study medicine. I unfortunately didn’t make the small selection pool three times. I ended up, after some ‘excursions’ in the biomedical field and a gap year, at the Verloskunde Academie Amsterdam (Midwifery Academy Amsterdam). This was my best choice ever. Factors such as, being it an independent medical profession, the intimate bond with the clients, the transition to parenthood counselling, the unexpected aspects of the field and entrepreneurship just gives me much fulfilment.


I’ve gained many years of experience in the field as an observer in various practices in the Amsterdam/Zaanstreek region. I feel comfortable at our practice with the many different cultures. It’s a place where I can practice many aspects of the profession and therefor have all the time for our clients and partners.


You will encounter me at the practice as point of contact, midwife, ultrasound scan professional, during the placement or removal of a intra uterine device (IUD) or at the cleaving of a baby’s tongue strap.

Marijke Hagelaars-Dekker (BIG 39924126003)

Reliable | Spontaneous | Practical | Creative | Friends & Family


I’ve grown up in a small town in North-Holland next to a farm where my father worked small time. As a young girl, I experienced many births of small lambs and little calves which inspired me about the cycle of birth and life. Becoming a midwife, was a logical choice for me. I attended the Verloskunde Academie Amsterdam (Midwifery Academy Amsterdam) together with Ismay.


I lived during my study in Amsterdam and worked after graduation at several practices in Amsterdam-West and Amsterdam-North. It fascinates me how everyone experience pregnancy in their own way. The small scale and personal care we offer at our practice, enables me to always have a close eye to the needs of our clients.


In 2019 and 2021, I experienced by myself the period of pregnancy, giving birth and postnatal period. I became mother of my son Guus (november 2019) and daughter Saar (march 2022).


You will encounter me at the practice as point of contact, midwife, ultrasound scan professional or during the placement or removal of a intra uterine device (IUD).



We have two fixed observers at our practice to complete our team: Femke Lensink and Janine Vermeulen-Land. Due to the small scale of our team of midwives, we’re able to realise personal care during busy periods, illness or absence due to courses, further training and vacations. This also enables our medical care to always be at the professional level by dividing the workload between us. You always want to have a midwife’s care full of energy.


You can meet with all the midwives during you pregnancy if you like, so that she won’t be a stranger during the delivery. All three are just as enthusiastic and driven by personal contacts like Ismay and Marijke.



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Practice assistants



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Ultrasound Scan Professional


Our Ultrasound Scan Professionals are certified for all medical pregnancy ultrasounds that we offer at the practice and are signed up in the Quality Register for Ultrasound Professionals. (BEN)

Internship Guidance


Midwives in training are the future! We find it important that our knowledge and skills are being taught and transferred to the coming generations to ensure the quality and uniqueness of the Dutch Childbirth medical care. To accompany students at our practice creates many benefits for both themselves, us and our clients, by teaching them the value of patience and attention. Due to their influx, we will be even better informed about the latest developments in our field and our clients will have the continuing company and care from driven students who can help when we have other small business to attend to.


They’ll be able to perform certain tasks, depending on the school year of the student. This must always be done under the supervision of one of the midwives and with your consent. Please notify us if at any moment during the pregnancy you wish students not to be present during check ups or the delivery.


At the moment we employ the following interns: Anna Alders

Complaints Procedure


We will do everything we can to keep you satisfied about our consultancy and care. However, it can still occur that there might be an issue or problem. We gladly receive feedback about our performance and happily engage in conversations about improvements or complains.


If after a conversation about the issue you are still unsatisfied and wish to submit the complain to a third party, we can refer you to the Geschilleninstantie Verloskunde.