Birth Control

Birth Control


You will be able to make an appointment, even if you are not under our care or have never been pregnant!

You will be able to make an appointment, even if you are not under our care or have never been pregnant!

If you don’t want to become pregnant (yet), it is important that you use a good contraceptive. There are many birth control methods and kinds of contraceptives, each with their own reliability, usage and potential side effects. It is different for each women which contraception methode works best. The reaction or inactivity of hormones, the ability to breastfeed and the way of usage have all influence on the choice of the contraceptive.


You can come to our practice for information, a recipe or for the placement/removal of a IUD. All our midwives are qualified to prescribe contraceptives. Ismay and Roos are also specialists in the placement and removal of an IUD.



There are many contraceptives available:


  • Condom;
  • Combination pill*;
  • Puncture pill;
  • Cerazette (also known as the mini pill);
  • Implanon (Also known as the stick);
  • Copper coil (IUD);
  • IUD with hormones (Mirena or Kyleena);
  • Nuvaring*;
  • Contraceptive patch*
  • Sterilization (man/woman)


The mediums with a * are not suitable for those that breastfeed. If you want to know more, visit the website:


We always plan enough time the placement/removal of the IUD. This way you’ll feel comfortable and are able to ask your questions.

Intra Uterine Device


If you’re considering of an IUD placement, it is important to inform yourself about the multiple variations of IUD’s. Roughly there are two kinds: IUDs with hormones and with hormones (the copper coil).


Hormone IUD


The hormone spiral submits hormones to the uterus that can prevent pregnancy. The hormones work in 4 ways:


  1. The mucus in the cervix becomes thicker and tougher.
  2. The movement and functions of sperm cells are inhibited.
  3. The uterine lining is stopped being produced. This uterine lining normally causes the blood loss during menstruation. The hormones in the IUD may cause the menstruation to stop completely due to the reduced production of the uterine lining.
  4. In some cases, the ovulation is suppressed.


There are two hormone spirals: the Mirena and the Kyleena. The function, hormones, and target of both IUDs are the same, but the difference being in the dosage of hormones. The Mirena has 52mg of levonorgestrel and the Kyleena has 19,5mg levonogestrel and the size. The Kyleena is six millimeter smaller due to the smaller dosage of hormones and is therefore more pleasant if you’ve never been pregnant before. Both IUDs can remain in the uterus for 5 years.


Hormone free IUD


The copper coil causes the sperm cells to be paralyzed and prevents fertilization. In addition the copper coil cause the uterine lining to be unsuitable to nest in. The most used copper coil is the T-Safe and is suitable for 10 years.

We also perform removal/replacement of an IUD if the placement was done at another practice/hospital. Ultrasounds to see if the IUD is in the right place is also possible at our practice.

Practical Information


  • It is allowed to place an IUD at a minimum of 10 weeks after the delivery.
    We’ll prescribe a (digital) recipe to the pharmacy which will contact you through mail for the payment of the IUD. If you are insured for contraception, please contact your medical insurance company. The IUD will be send to your home address.


  • We advise to take two Paracetamol tables of 500mg one hour before the placement. You can also choose for one Naproxen tablet if you don’t breastfeed.


  • We plan a check-up appointment after about 6 weeks after placement. This can be done by speculum examination (free) or by vaginal ultrasound (25 euro’s).


  • Every kind of IUD can be removed or replaced at any moment. If you want to become pregnant, you’ll be immediately fertile again after removal of the IUD.


  • Please check at you medical insurance company if they will reimburse the placement of an IUD by a midwife. Every insurance is obligated to reimburse these costs, which is why we always make a declaration of our costs to your medical insurance company. If the insurance doesn’t reimburse the cost of placement, we will send an invoice to you. The cost for 2021 are €67,01 (tax free).