We always take time for you and your partner, with an first appointment of 45 to 60 minutes and we'll adjust the duration of the regular consultations to you.

We understand that you want to have trusted company during the happy and exciting period of the pregnancy, delivery and maternity period. We, Ismay Brekelmans and Marijke Hagelaars together with a colleague, provide continuing service and care for the entire Zaanstreek and surrounding areas*.


Our new vision on accompaniment enables us as healthcare providers to stand with you and adjust our care to your needs. We do this with enthusiasm, love, thinking along with ideas and work on a small scale. We, of course, provide the best healthcare possible according to the latest research and insights.

We also provide healthcare before and after the pregnancy, delivery and maternity period, such as preconception child wish consultations, and prescribe and provide contraception.

Under one roof


It’s important to be able to find the right care during the pregnancy, therefore we aim to provide the different aspects of healthcare under one roof. Next to the obstetrics/midwifery we have our own ultrasound equipment which can be used for both medical scans and ultrasounds upon request. Our midwifes are also educated as ultrasound scan professionals! So, in most cases we can combine your midwife appointment with the neccesary ultrasounds and all done by your own trusted midwife(s). Lovely right? Next to us, we have an extra ultrasound scan professional working with us who is able to do your 20weeks ultrasound scan!
Additional, we are also specialised in contraception and the placements and/of removals of IUD’s (intra-uterine diveces). This complete obstetric care by your own midwife(s) is very important to us, and is only possible with us in Zaandam!

On top of that, we collaborate with other medical experts such as a physiotherpist, dental hygienist, dietician, postnatal care providers, gynaecologists etc.



You’re welcome at any moment! When you just found out that you’re pregnant, you will be able to visit us from the beginning for our help and guidance. This also applies when you’re already further into your pregnancy, just moved into town or feel that our care suits you better. We also provide counsel for when the pregnancy was not planned or when there is the possibility of a miscarriage.


We advise you to sign up as quickly as possible in all scenario’s. That way we can plan an intake early on in the pregnancy and you will be able to ask us your questions about pregnancy.


Basic insurance covers the midwife care completely. This means, when you have a Dutch insurance, you don’t have to pay for the regular care (both midwife care and medical ultrasounds).


You can always contact us if you would like an introduction meeting if you prefer to meet us first and experience our clinic with your partner or on your own.

Work area


Our working area consist of the Zaanstreek and surrounding areas, including: Landsmeer, Oostzaan, Wormer and Zaanstad. This also includes Assendelft, Krommenie, Westzaan and Wormerveer.


You can contact us if you don’t live in any of the areas but want to sign up at our clinic so that we can discuss the possibilities.